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Fuel Gas Coalescing Filters Natural Gas Filters Fuel Gas Coalescing Filters

Delta Natural Gas Filters are high efficiency filters for filtering rust, dust, condensates and other liquids from Natural Gas stream. We have wide range of Sizes from 1/2" NB to 16" NB. Filter vessels are designed as per ASME Code to serve pressures till 300 Bar. DELTA Natural Gas Filters have been exported worldwide. We offer Filters for Dry Gas Filtration as well as Coalescing Gas Filtration. Low 0.07 Bar Pressure Drop and long life, ASME Coded Natural Gas Filter Housings.Natural Gas is a clean source of energy being widely used for Power Generation, Transportation and Heating. Gas Exploration, Transmission and Compression leads to contamination during various activities. Focussed on serving the Oil & Gas Sector since our establishment in 1994, Delta Filters has developed a range of Natural Gas Filtration solutions. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filters and Duplex Fuel Gas Filters are also manufactured by Delta Filters. Natural Gas is a convenient fuel source in terms of transmission and combustion. However it gets laden with impurities like oil, dust, rust and condensates during various stages of drilling, compression and transmission. For effective combustion and protection of metering instrumentation it is imperative to install a high efficiency Natural Gas Filter in the Gas Line. Delta Filters is involved in Design, Manufacture & Supply of a wide range of Natural Gas Filters for various applications including City Gas Distribution, metering skids, MRS, DRS & Servo Gas (Instrumentation). Delta Filters has developed efficient designs to serve various Natural Gas Filtration requirements. Our filters used pleated filter elements which allow high flow rate within compact filter housings. Filter Vessels are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 Code. Welding is carried out by Qualified Welders as per SGS approved WPS / PQR following ASME Sec IX. NDT Procedures are followed as per ASME Sec V.

NGF-025 1/4" NPT 40 24
NGF-050 1/2" NPT 100 48
NGF-075 3/4" NPT 200 415
NGF-100 1" NPT 240 421
NGF-125 1-1/4" ASA 150 500 630
NGF-150 1-1/2" ASA 150 640 645
NGF-200 2" ASA 150 1200 830
NGF-250 2 1/2" ASA 150 1500 845
NGF-300 3" ASA 150 2000 860
NGF-400 4" ASA 150 2400 875

Larger sizes on request. Please specify (a) Gas Flow Rate (b) Operating Pressure & (c) Operating Temp.

Gas Filter Catalog

Natural Gas Filter Catalog



DELTA Filter Elements / Cartridges : We manufacture and supply highly reliable Natural Gas Filter Cartridges. Pleated borosilicate glassfibre is employed as the filter media which increases filtration area 4x times compared to competitors. End result for the customer is lower pressure drop, long life between replacement and lower maintenance cost. We manufacture a wide array of Fuel Gas Filter Elements for Gas Compressors, Gas Dispensers, Metering Skids and Gas powered Engines. DELTA Gas Filter Elements employ German Borosilicate Glass Fibre filter media which has large void volume for highest dirt holding capacity. This leads to low energy loss and long filter element life.

       Coalescing Gas Filter Elements        Fuel Gas Coalescing Filter Elements

Coalescing Fuel Gas Filter Elements

Glass Fibre media in pleated construction offer unparalleled advantages for Natural Gas Filtration. The fine micro glassfibres serve the dual purpose of particulate retention and executing the process of coalescence. The media is rated at 0.3 mircon and is sandwiched between felted polyester media. Our coalescing filter elements remove condensates, water & liquid hydrocarbons from Natural Gas stream. This is accomplished by high surface charge on the glass fibre media, which cause the liquid droplets to adhere to the media. Coupled with this feature the glass fibre media presents proper contact angles within the dense fibre matrix which allows the droplets to combine with other droplets and grow in size. This is the basic principle of coalescence which results in the formation of bulk liquid which then encounters the outer drainage layer of the filter cartridge. This layer is open cell reticulated foam sock based and ensures that the liquid is pulled down into the sump of the filter vessel. DELTA Natural Gas Filters offers the best protection for the end user's equipment against particulates and liquid droplets.


CNG Filters

 SS304 Compressed Natural Gas Filters, 1" NPT THREADED, 375 BAR TEST PRESSURE

Compressed Natural Gas Filters:  Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a high pressure gas that is an alternative transportation fuel. CNG is environment friendly in terms of reduction in emission during combustion. Compressed Natural Gas or CNG gets contaminated during its journey through the pipeline to the dispenser. There are various contaminants that should be filtered: solid particles, moisture and lubricating oil carried over from CNG Compressors. Removal of these contaminants is essential to protect the NGV vehicle Engines. Our Filters designed as per ASME code to operate at the high pressure applications of CNG Fueling at 275 Bar (4000 psig). Latest Codes and Standards are followed in the design of DELTA CNG Filter housings. Borosilicate Glass Fibre based filter elements are used for filtration which offer the lowest pressure drop and long life. These filters remove dirt, condensates, oil and moisture and ensure high degree of purity in the CNG at the Filter Outlet. We look forward to supplying CNG filters and spare Filter Elements for your CNG Dispensers and Compressors. We have installations of CNG Filters in India and various countries across the world. With Compressed Natural Gas driven vehicles being launched all across the world, the consumption of CNG is expected to rise substanially over the next few years. We have developed several Models to meet various CNG applications. The gas flowing out of DELTA CNG Filters' Outlet Port meets the following specs

Particulate Removal:  Down to 0.1 micron, 99.5% Efficiency, i.e. Highest degree of cleanliness

Oil & Condensate Removal: Down to 0.01 ppm, residual oil content i.e. oil free CNG for fueling vehicles

CNG Filters CNG Filters

CNG-025 1/4" NPT 300 DW24
CNG-050 1/2" NPT 500 DW48
CNG-075 3/4" NPT 2500 DW415
CNG-100 1" NPT 3500 DW421

 Filter Vessel MOC in SS304. SS316 and SS316L options are available. See Catalog for larger models.

Flanged CNG Filters


 CNG Filters Catalog

Download Catalog


Duplex Natural Gas Filters: Natural Gas applications are critical for running a Plant in terms of non-stop operation. Fuel typically feeds a Gas Engine or a Gas Turbine. In such situations it is imperative to have 100% availability. Duplex Natural Gas Filters serve this purpose. Duplex Natural Gas Filters consist of 2 x 100% capacity Fuel Gas filters mounted in parallel. Duplex Natural Gas Filters are configured with 2 + 2 changeover valves and safety valves, drain and vent valves. Front panel designed to display pressure, temperature and differential pressure readings. Duplex configuration enables continuous operation without any downtime for change of filter elements. When the 1st Natural Gas Filter is taken off-line for maintenance, the 2nd Natural Gas Filter is valved-in to permit non-stop operation. DELTA Duplex Natural Gas Filters are employed in various Gas Engine and Gas Turbine applications. We have installations in India and various countries across the world. High purity Fuel Gas is ensured when filtered through DELTA Duplex Fuel Gas Filter Skid. Further the 1 Working + 1 Standby configuration enables 100% availability factor and no downtime. Any critical application like power generation, steel plants, refineries should consider Duplex Configuration for this reason. In case of additional load, the two Filters can be operated at the same for 200% flow capacity. This is a special feature of DELTA Duplex Natural Gas Filters which the end users can employ for future expansion projects. Contact for more details

DGF-015 1/2" NPT 80 DW48
DGF-075 3/4" NPT 150 DW415
DGF-100 1" ASA 150 200 DW421
DGF-125 1-1/4" ASA 150 400 DW630
DGF-150 1-1/2" ASA 150 540 DW645
DGF-200 2" ASA 150 1000 DW830
DGF-250 2-1/2" ASA 150 1500 DW845
DGF-300 3" ASA 150 1800 DW860
DGF-400 4" ASA 150 2200 DW875


Duplex Gas Filter Catalog

Download Catalog

  • All Natural Gas Filter Vessels are designed to ASME Sec VIII Div I standards

  • 100% radiography of weld joints

  • Employ pleated borosilicate glass fibre filter elements to increase MTBM and low pressure loss

  • Natural Gas Filters Shipped under Third Party Inspection : Bureau Veritas, SGS, DNV, TUV-SUD, GL-LLYOD

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